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We understand how important keeping your trucks in full operating and safe condition is to the success of your organization.

Since 1995, Desert Fleet-Serv™ has specialized in providing mobile fleet maintenance services. We are more responsive to your needs because we form a partnership with your company. Whether your fleet is large or small; you will always be treated as the most important person in our business.

Our goal is to be an invaluable part of your company's operation.

The flexibility of day and evening service means your trucks will be on the road at the most important time; during your customer's business/receiving hours. We pledge not to just fix problems but provide you with repair and service options. At Desert Fleet-Serv™ your individual concerns are our number one priority.

Experience the Desert Fleet-Serv™ difference.
Call 602-437-1291 or email to schedule a fleet analysis consultation.

ˇ°Because we use Desert Fleet-Serv, my fleet can stay rolling making the deliveries necessary to my business. Preventative maintenance and repairs can be scheduled with the evening mechanics, and I have full confidence that my fleet will be operational in the morning.ˇ±

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